Advantages & Disadvantages of Selenium supported Programming Languages – A summary

             LANGUAGE NO                                                                        ADVANTAGES                                                DISADVANTAGES
                   JAVA 1 Java is distributed.Distributed computing involves several computers on a network working together. 1   java programs runs on a virtual machine.its run slowly compared to other programs
2 In java language compiler,interpreter and runtimes environment were each one developed with security mind 2    some problem in programs do not always correctly even if they  written correctly because a JVM may be written incorrectly.Diffuclt to write a program.
3 In java programming provides multimedia facilities that will enable programmer to develop multimedia application. 3  No separation of specification from implementation and no precondition and postcondition
4 Java Is architecture is platform independent.
                      C# 1 C# is safer to run. C# program is compiled into an intermediate language, the OS can always check it to see that no malicious code is about 1    C# is less flexible than C++.  C# depends greatly on .NET framework, anything that is not found in the .NET framework will be difficult to implement.
2 Cost of maintenance for C# is  much lower than that of C++.  This is a positive side effect of C# helping programmers to write program that is as bug free as possible. 2   Its doesn’t support multiple inhertaince.
3 C# implements the modern programming concept of Object Oriented Programming which enables the developer to produce secure data applications. 3    C# is slower to run.
4 C# supports effective and reusable components.
                  PYTHON 1 Python does not use any syntax rule instead of tabbing and spacing play an any important role in program flow. 1   Python is interpreted the runtime of the program is 1-5times slower than java or c,c++.
2 Python does not enforce a strict type on containers or variables. Developers can design a container to hold different types of data 2   Python is not best for memory intensive tasks.
3 A program written in python for one platform using only the standard libaries can easily ported to another operating system without need for recompling and repackaging. 3   Python is not great choice for high graphic 3d  game that takes up a lot of cpu.
4 Python is general purpose language.It’s ease of learning,protablity,dynamic typing and integration with other languages. 4    Some other drawbacks are language translation,documentation,and use of modules.
                      RUBY 1 Ruby is a pure oop allows inhertaince,encapuslation,and polymorphism of objects. 1    Ruby is an interpreted language.The source code has to be interpreted at runtime that means it run slower than equivalent compiled application.
2 Ruby is also dynamic language.The methods and variable may added and redefined at runtime. 2   If some one uses your application will also be able to see source code. Its not secure.
3 Ruby also very high level language.That mean it can handle complex data structure,and  complex operation on them with relatively few instruction.
4 It has a smart grabage collector.and it is scripting language.It make easy to do scripting opeartion like examining system resource,using pipes,capture output and so on.
                 PERL 1 It s protablity.perl code that doesnot use system specific features ,can be run on any platform. 1    If you can’t easily create a binary image  from a Perl file. It’s not a serious problem on Unix, but it might be a problem on Windows.
2 Perl makes using composition for code reuse very straightforward. 2   Perl is that of function signatures or rather the lack of signatures. In most programming languages when you declare a function you also declare its signature, listing the names of the parameters and in some languages also their types. Perl doesn’t do this.
3 Its allow multiple inheritance and operator overloading. 3   In perl hard to build data structure
4 Perl provides some features that are required for large projects.That are modularization,object orinted technquies,arbitary data structures. 4   This makes it hard to read even well-written code of programmers who happen to use features you are less familiar with.
                   PHP 1 PHP is open source.It is developed  and maintained by a large group of PHP developers this will helps in creating a  support community, abundant extension library. 1   PHP has security problem. It is open source So all people can see the source code.
2 It is stable.since it is maintained by many number  developers, so when bugs are found,it can be quickly fixed. 2    Not suitable for large applications: Hard to maintain since it is not very modular.
3 You can connect to database easily using PHP since many websites are data or content driven  so we will use database frequently, this will largely reduce the development time of web apps. 3   Not good  to create desktop application.
4 It can be run on many platform. 4   PHP tends to execute more slowly than assembly, C, and other compiled languages

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